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Go Green and Save Some Money Using Recycled Parts

We’ve been green for many years. You just never knew it. It’s clear that the environment is top of mind these days, and for good reason. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that each auto wrecker member of Parts Plus has been making significant contributions to protecting the environment since day one. In fact, Parts Plus auto wreckers recycle over 80% of every vehicle we process, saving tonnes of scrap metal each year and maximising the re-use of materials that might otherwise pollute the environment. Some Interesting Facts About Auto Recyclers and Auto Wreckers: We are one of the … Click here for more news

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5 Myths About Recycled Auto Parts – Car Wreckers

Considering purchasing a recycled auto part from a car wrecker but still not sure? Here a 5 myths about purchasing an auto part from a professional car wrecker like Parts Plus. 1. We only supply parts for old cars and commericals FALSE! At Parts Plus we pride ourselves on purchasing late module low vehicles and in fact the average age of the vehicles across all Parts Plus stores would be less than 7 years old 2. Parts don’t come with a Warranty or can’t be returned if you bought the wrong part FALSE! At Parts Plus we have the best … Click here for more news

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