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PARTS PLUS…That’s us

The Parts Plus concept was first conceived in 1993 by a group of dismantlers with the vision of improving and growing their businesses.

Their vision was to improve the image and public perception of the auto dismantling industry and to establish and maintain a reputation for quality, guaranteed, recycled parts.

Today Parts Plus boasts membership throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

PARTS PLUS was born following a meeting that brought 16 of the most progressive Auto Parts Recyclers together back in mid 1990’s. Now over 20 years on, and we continue to claim success from our leadership in the Industry, along with our commitment to supply the right part the first time every time.

Our VISION is to be the name behind quality parts with service beyond all expectations, and Our MISSION is to be the very best supplier of Recycled Auto Parts, that offers our customers a” No Fuss” Warranty that covers every part of every part.

We focus on purchasing quality salvage and only dismantle those parts that meet the most comprehensive standards of testing and cleaning to carry our minimum 6 months parts and labour No Fuss National Warranty. PARTS PLUS members offer a warranty to suit every part, every customer and every budget. Once you have decided to purchase a part from one of our many stores, than all you need to do is choose the warranty that suits you. We understand that customers needs vary, so please ask for more details.

PARTS PLUS members have regular reviews on general housekeeping, safety and environmental standards to enable the highest level of innovation throughout all levels of our businesses. All members are proud and passionate to be helping our earth every day by responsibly handling all vehicle fluids, gases, plastics and numerous other bi products that come with accident damaged and end of life vehicles. PARTS PLUS leads the way with many ideas as a result of our extensive experience. Many of which make their way abroad and we are justifiably proud to share anything with anyone if it assists in promoting REUSE which after all is the best form of recycling, and is what we do best.

For the computer savvy we are leading the way with our Online PARTS LOCATA service that allows you to locate the right part for your car, commercial or 4WD vehicle at your leisure. The technology is extremely friendly and because our customers include motor dealers, mechanics, panel beaters, Insurance companies, mining companies, farmers and the general public, we have designed it to suit everyone.

Our customers want parts that will last the distance every time, and it is that peace of mind that you get with a PARTS PLUS part…

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