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Used Holden Astra TS Manual Transmission

Need a Used Holden Astra TS Manual Transmission? Search for it online today!

We make finding a wide range of used car and 4×4 parts instant and easy. Just search our database of over 1 million used parts Australia wide. At Parts Plus Australia we have a huge range of the used parts you have been searching for, including Holden Astra TS Manual Transmissions for the Z18XE engine and much more!

Use our  ‘Find a Part’ system to locate a manual Astra transmission near you today.

Even though we have a huge inventory of parts across Parts Plus network, each part is carefully inspected and graded before it goes on sale. We know you need quality parts you can depend on, so our experienced staff grade parts accordingly based on strict criteria.

What if the parts you found aren’t near you? No problem. We can arrange nationwide freight of our parts to make the whole process hassle free. Need other Used Holden parts or Used Astra parts? Bundle your shipping to save on costs.

Best of all, we offer an industry leading, optional ‘no fuss’ recycled parts warranty of 3 , 6 or 12 months.  all recycled car parts including engines, bumpers, transmissions, doors, A/C compressors, fans and anything else you might need. And, since we are a nationwide parts supplier, your warranty is nationwide too!

Want to see us in person? We have group members across Australia including in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. Really, finding a used Astra TS manual transmission for sale, or any other used car part for that matter, has never been this easy and hassle free.

Looking for something in particular and need some extra help? Why not contact us and our expert staff will be more than happy to help you however they can. Happy searching!



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