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2004 VW Caddy 6 Speed Automatic transmission

Search for a 2004 VW Caddy 6 Speed Automatic transmission online with Parts Plus Australia today!

The VW Caddy has served many as a reliable workhorse, small enough to go anywhere but with enough room to transport gear, stock or equipment with ease. But even the best workhorses occasionally need some replacement parts to keep them kicking on.

Just use our simple online tool to search for a used automatic transmission for the 1.9L Turbo Diesel VW Caddy. Our nationwide database of over a million used engines, transmissions and parts often includes a range of used VW Caddy parts and much more.

Our Find a Part system shows you all available used 2004 Caddy 6 speed automatic transmissions instantly!

What if the parts you need for your VW Caddy aren’t where you are? Easy – our group members can arrange freight for your used van parts across Australia. Just find what you need and let us know where it needs to be, then we do the rest! Our network includes Wreckers in SydneyMelbourneBrisbane and beyond.

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Our customers tell us that finding used parts like a 6 speed auto transmission for an ‘04 VW Caddy, or any other used parts for that matter, has never been as easy as it is with Parts Plus Australia.

We also take quality very seriously, which is why we carefully inspect every part for quality and wear/tear prior to it being available for sale. This way you always know the condition of the parts you are buying so there are no nasty surprises! Combine this focus on quality with our industry leading, optional used parts warranty for your 2004 Caddy automatic transmission that includes our ‘no fuss’, money back guarantee and it’s no wonder our customers tell us the process is easy!

Choose between our 3 , 6 or 12 month warranties on all recycled parts including engines, bumpers, transmissions, A/C compressors, diffs, fans and anything else you might need.

Your warranty is nationwide too so you never have to worry.

Have other questions for us? Great! Just contact us and our expert automotive staff will be more than happy to help.


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