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Ten Key benefits of Buying Recycled Auto Parts in Australia Print

1.    Significant Price Savings
Buying auto parts that have been recycled and fully tested for quality can save the buyer up to 50% when compared to buying new equivalent parts. Auto recycled parts purchased from a professional car wrecker are a viable alternative.

2.    Full Warranty on Recycled Parts
When buying recycled parts, reputable car wreckers (like all members of the Parts Plus group) offer a comprehensive minimum 6 month warranty on parts sold and for a small additional amount are quite happy to offer extended warranty cover on major parts.

3.    Quality & Safety
When recycled parts are cleaned, checked and tested, quality recycled auto parts are both safe and fit for purpose in vehicle repairs Australia wide. Parts Plus car wrecker members are committed to ensuring only quality recycled parts are offered to their customers.

4.    Experienced and professional Car Wreckers
The owners and operators of reputable car wreckers are very experienced and knowledgeable people with many years of experience finding the right part for the right need. As there are sometimes a number of Make/Model parts that can interchange within different vehicles it is important that the car wrecker has access to this knowledge in order to find you the best option for your need. All Parts Plus members have access to a comprehensive database of potential parts that can be interchanged within different makes and models.

5.    Parts Exchange Programs
Reputable car wreckers will ensure that if a part supplied is not fit for purpose that you receive another equivalent part in exchange. In the event that the part cannot be exchanged you can expect a refund.

6.    Increased competition in Australian Parts market
By having car wreckers within the auto parts market it ensures that there is a competitive alternative to new parts which helps to prevent auto manufacturers from having a monopoly on replacement parts which could lead to even higher prices to the consumer.

7.    Quicker repair times due to increased used parts availability
Due to the number of auto repairers across Australia, the depth of parts held by each car wrecker, and the efficient network between car wreckers, this means that most current make/model parts can be located and delivered quickly all across Australia. This means that you often do not have to wait for new parts to be sourced and ensures that repairs can be completed more efficiently.

8.    Helping the Environment
Auto recycling and dismantling is a worldwide industry responsible for recycling many parts from many millions of damaged vehicles every year. Car wreckers play a key role within the automotive industry by reusing parts, de-polluting vehicles by removing oils, fuels, batteries, CFCs, and air bags, and preparing damaged vehicles for metal recycling.

9.    Helps Authorities
The process of auto recycling includes the systematic recording of late model damaged vehicles in compliance with Licensed Motor Car Traders Act, which assists police in the identification of stolen vehicles, advising governments of Statutory Written Off vehicles. This assists to protect Australian jobs.

10.    Saves Resources and energy
The more parts that are recycled and purchased through car wreckers, the less new parts that need to be manufactured which in turn reduces the world demand for natural resources which ultimately.

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