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Ford Escape / Mazda Tribute Automatic Transmission

If you need a Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute Automatic Transmission then your search may be over.

Welcome to the home of over a million used vehicle and 4×4 parts, Parts Plus Australia. Search our online database of parts to instantly find the parts you need to get your vehicle or vehicles back on the road today.

Easily search for the Ford Escape / Mazda Tribute Automatic Transmission or other parts you are looking for by accessing our Australia wide database of over 1 million used parts including used Mazda Parts and used Ford Parts.

Check part availability and location instantly!

Alright, so your search found the used parts you need but your transmission isn’t where you are? No problem! As a nationwide auto parts wreckers we know that the things you need often aren’t where you need them so we can offer Australia wide freight and delivery for your parts.

But, before any parts are ever put up for sale online, each one is carefully scrutinised for quality and wear. We pride ourselves on our quality control and have an experienced parts inspector graded each part so that you always know exactly what kind of part you are buying.

Even better, we also offer an optional  3, 6 or 12 month ‘no fuss’ recycled parts warranty on all our used vehicle and 4×4 parts that includes a money back guarantee, nationwide!

Can we help in some other way? Why not get in touch, let us know what you are trying to find and our staff will be more than happy to help however they can. You can even visit our group members in person up and down the east coast of Australia. See our directory of members to find the closest leading wrecker to you.



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