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Looking for the best Brisbane Wreckers? You are in the right place!

It’s not always easy to find a wrecker, in Brisbane or elsewhere, that is available and has the parts you need – but that all changes with Parts Plus Australia and Find a Part!

We are an Australia wide group with Brisbane wreckers that you can contact today to get the parts you need in person or you can have them shipped straight to you. We have a huge range of used vehicle parts available at your fingertips today and we can help by connecting you quickly and easily with our Brisbane wrecking group members.

Access to over 1 million used car and 4wd parts – at your fingertips!

Our wreckers in Brisbane have access to a database of over 1 million used parts to get you what you need, when you need it. Best of all, you can start the search online right now with our find a part system.

Find what you need in seconds – find your parts online right now.

We are proud to offer access to many of the leading vehicle wreckers in Brisbane and a massive Australia wide database of 1 million plus used and recycled car, 4×4 and van engines, transmissions and parts for sale from a huge range of makes and models.

Delivery or pickup? The choice is yours, just find the parts you want then you can have the parts delivered to you by our group members or you can drop in to visit our group members in store.

It gets better – our parts have an optional warranty!

Every Parts Plus group member takes our famous ‘no fuss’ approach to your recycled parts warranty. This means you can choose a warranty on used parts! You read that right, used parts from can carry a 3, 6 or 12 month warranty!

Engines, diffs, transmissions, A/C compressors, bumpers, fans, doors and anything else you might need from the best wreckers around Brisbane can also come with a warranty of your choice.

Here is just small sample of the makes our group members carry:

Used Mazda Parts
Used Nissan Parts Australia
Used Subaru Parts
Used Holden Parts
Used Toyota Parts

Don’t see yours listed? No problems, search for it today. 

And because we are a nationwide group of wreckers, your warranty is nationwide as well.

Track down the Brisbane wrecker or parts that you need right now – use our Find a Part search online or our Location listing to visit our knowledgeable wreckers in store for the parts you need today!



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