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5 Reasons why your next car part purchase should be from a car wrecker Print

1. Quality Car Parts
The modern day car wrecker sources their cars from auctions specially designed by insurance companies to provide the public with good late model car parts. This provides the consumer “you” with quality car parts off cars that were previously comprehensively insured by caring owners who wanted to protect their investment , yet had to claim for damages , thus the insurance company acquires the car to sell to the auto dismantler.

2. Doing Your Part
When you choose to buy a secondhand car part you are buying a car part that has already been made , a car part that has already cost the environment its carbon price , yet buying a new part costs another new carbon price again . So when you buy a secondhand car part from a professional car wrecker you are cutting the carbon price in half . You are doing your part in helping slow down consumption of the earth by buying secondhand.

3. Price Reduction Against New Prices
You tend to save 40 to 50 percent off new prices when buying secondhand and you can always judge the quality of the car part by the look and feel . If it looks near new you can bet it is good value and you can install it on your car with confidence. Remember your car was secondhand the moment you drove it out of the showroom if you bought it new . Why buy new when used will do.

4. Ease of Buying
Buy your next part over the phone , a professional car wrecker car parts salesperson can identify the part you need for your car all by asking the right questions about the make and model of the motor vehicle you drive and specifically identify what you need or even what they know you will need.

5. Confidence in Your Purchase
Always ask the car wrecker salesperson you are calling if they offer warranty and for how long their warranty is on a particular car part . Car part warranty is a good indicator of quality , if you are offered a confident warranty on a car part you can be assured the car part salesperson is sure they are selling you a good car part. Often No Warranty means No Quality.

So be sure to follow these points on your way to buying your next car part, also remember secondhand car parts are available for any year of manufacture, including this year.

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