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Looking for 4×4 Wreckers?

Search for and find the used 4×4 parts you need closest to you instantly online from our group of Australian 4×4 and vehicle parts wreckers across Australia!

Here at Parts Plus Australia we have a massive nationwide database of 1 million plus recycled 4×4 and vehicle engines, transmissions and parts for sale from a huge range of makes and models. So if you need used parts, we are here to help.

Use our Find a Part system to find the parts you need and the 4×4 wreckers closest to you!

Once you find the 4×4 parts you need, our group members around Australia can ship your parts to you all across Australia. We have group members up and down the east coast from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Dubbo and more who have decades of experience and all the parts you need.

Our range includes used parts for a huge range of 4×4’s including Nissan Patrols, Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser and more. And, even though we have over a million parts in inventory, each part is carefully checked and graded by an experienced 4×4/auto parts recycler before being made available for sale.

In fact, we stand behind our parts and offer our famous ‘no fuss’ approach to your recycled parts warranty that lets you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month warranty on all recycled parts! Engines, diffs, transmissions, A/C compressors, bumpers, fans, doors and anything else you might need from leading 4×4 wreckers.

A small sample of our used 4×4 parts available includes:

And because we are nationwide, your warranty is nationwide too!

Get your fourby back on the road/beach or bush ASAP – use our Find a Part search to track down parts and get in touch with one of our group members who are ready to help you get the parts you need today.



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